¨   Active Veterans & Friends Mutual Assistance Association Inc is a non-profit organisation, aiming to foster friendship and mutual assistance when a member is deceased.

¨   Although operating side by side with Footscray RSL, the association is completely independent with its own management committee, ABN and bank accounts.


To be eligible for membership, the applicant must meet all of the following three requirements:

 1A. Relationship Requirement

Applicant must meet any one of the following requirements:

¨       Being a member of the Footscray RSL, either as a war veteran or as a civil member.

¨       Being a veteran of the Republic of South Vietnam Army or of the Australian Military Force serving in Vietnam.

¨       Being recommended by a member of the Footscray RSL.

1B. Age Requirement

¨       Applicant must be less than 70 years of age at the time of application.

1C. Residential Requirement

¨       Applicant must be Australian citizen or permanent resident and lives in Victoria.


For the first month of operation (from the date the management committee is formed), applications will be accepted from:

¨       First ten (10) applicants under 85 years of age, and

¨       First fifty (50) applicants under 75 years of age.


Joining fee is $85.00 It consists of:

¨       $30.00         Joining fee (once off payment)

¨       $25.00         Annual membership fee (pay annualy)

¨       $30.00         Initial contribution to the Mutual Assistance Fund (see item 4 below)


When joining the association, every member has contrubute $30.00 toward their personal mutual assistance fund. At any time, this fund have to have $30.00 in full. In case one member passes away, the association will take the first $10.00 from members’ mutual assistance fund to hand it to the  beneficiary of the deceased member. Then the association will notify members about the death of that member and kindly ask all the remaining member to top up $10.00 to their fund to maintain a full $30.00 from each member.


When a member is deceased and the association is notified of the death with a death certificate, then within 3 days the beneficiary (nominated previously by the member) will receive the following assistance to help with the funeral:

5A. Membership of One Year and Less:

¨       A wreath

¨       Remaining contribution to the mutual assistance fund by the deceased member

(ie. maximum $30.00)

5B. Membership of One Year One Day To Two Years:

¨       A wreath

¨       Remaining contribution to the mutual assistance fund by the deceased member

(ie. maximum $30.00)

¨       Mutual assistance money consisting of $5.00 from each remaining member minus 10% admin expenses.

¨       An accounting summary on the money given to the beneficiary

5C. Membership of Two Years One Day and Longer:

¨       A wreath

¨       Remaining contribution to the mutual assistance fund by the deceased member (ie. maximum $30.00)

¨       Mutual assistance money consisting of $10.00 from each remaining member minus 10% admin expenses.

¨       An accounting summary on the money given to the beneficiary


Membership will be cancelled under the following circumstances:

6A. Voluntary cancellation by member:

Member must submit the cancellation request in writing.  In this case the remaining of the member’s contribution to the mutual fund (ie. $30.00 maximum) will be refunded.

6B. Not paying top up to the mutual assistance fund

As mentioned in clause 4 “Top up mutual assistance fund”, after receiving letter from the association, notify every one about the death of a member and a request to top up the mutual assistance fund, each member is required to contribute $10.00 into the mutual assistance fund, to bring that fund to the required balance of $30.00.

Membership will be cancelled when no money remaining in member’s individual mutual contribution fund and the 10 days extension has expired.

The association will send reminders to pay top up to all members as follows:

¨   Every time some money is drawn from the fund for mutual assistance.

¨   When a member’s remaining individual contribution in the fund reaches $10.00 or less.

¨   When no money remaining in member’s individual contribution.

6C. Not Paying Annual Fee

The membership is due on 14 08 each year. It is the responsibility of the member to pay annual fee prior to the expiration date in order to be continued membership on 15 08. If payment is not received within the 10 days extension after expiration, the membership is automatically cancelled.

The association will Endeavour to send reminders one month before the membership expiration dates.

Therefore all members should promptly notify the association of new addresses and telephone numbers, when moving or travelling to enable contact.  In addition to this, a member may choose to pay extra money to the fund in advance to avoid unintended contribution shortages.


After membership cancellation, the ex-member may apply to rejoin the association:

¨                   If application is submitted with all fees (as for new members) within 20 days of cancellation, the ex-member will be re-admitted with all the benefits as prior to the termination.

¨                   If application is submitted 21 days or more after the cancellation, the application will be considered as for new applications.

8.       MEETING.

Regular Meetings

¨       All members are invited to attend the regular meetings taking place every 3 months at the Footscray RSL where the management committee provides reports on activities, membership and financial situations.

General Annual Meeting

¨       A general annual meeting is organized every year around December.  All members will be notified of the venue for this meeting each year.

¨       At this meeting, the management committee provides reports on activities, membership and financial situations for the year.  Members may request and obtain copies of the annual reports.  This meeting is also used for the election of a new management committee when this is due.

Extraordinary Meetings

¨       When necessary, the Management Committee may call extraordinary meetings to resolve special issues such as modifications of the constitution or dissolution of the association.


Joining fees ($30.00/member) and annual membership fees ($25.00/member) are to pay for the following expenses:

¨       Office equipment: desks, chairs, filing cabinets, computers, printers, fax machines, scanners.

¨       Software for book keeping, payments, financial reports, letters to members, …

¨       Phones, internet.

¨       Repairs and maintenance of equipment.

¨       Disbursements such as postage, paper, ink, office supplies

¨       Payments to employees

¨       Other miscellaneous expenses

Admin expense (10%) is used on the following expenses:

¨       Postage for letters to members to report of the deaths, expenses and remind members of paying top up to the mutual assistance fund.

¨       Flower wreaths and condolence messages on newspapers.

¨       Hire of buses for members wanting to attend funerals.


¨       All members of the Management Committee work on a volunteer basis without pay.

¨       Initially, with a small membership number to manage, the Committee could perform all the tasks.

¨       However, in future with a large membership number, it may become necessary to buy computer, printer . . .  hire employees to look after specific tasks.  These employees will be paid and pay taxes in accordance to the taxation laws.


9A. Members:

¨       The Management Committee consists of: Chairman, two Vice-Chairmen, Secretary and Treasurer.

¨       Depending on personnel availability and work loads, the committee can set up other necessary working groups to help with the running of the organization.

9B. Responsibilities:

¨       Chairman and Vice Chairmen represent the association at all aspects

¨       Secretary is responsible for all matters relating to members

¨       Treasurer is responsible for funding, expenses and financial reports

¨       All cheques for expenses require the signatures of both Treasurer and Chairman

¨       Decisions by the management will be based on majority voting.  In case of equal votes, the chairman has the deciding vote.

9C. Term of Office

¨       The term of office for the management committee is 4 years

¨       Members of the management committee may stand for re-election


¨       All members have the responsibility of voting in the election and are eligible for nomination to serve in the management committee.

¨       Those members, who could not attend the meeting in person, may send in postal votes or delegate their votes to other members at the meeting.  However, postal votes and delegating documents must be received by the election  organizing group prior to the start of the ballot.

¨       Members not voting are deemed to have accepted the results of the ballot.

10A. Election Organising Group

¨       The election organising group consists of a leader, a deputy leader and a secretary.  The group is selected by members via a voting process at the October regular meeting just prior to the management committee election.

¨       Due to the low initial membership, for the first management committee election, the election organizing group will only consist of a leader and a secretary and are selected by the temporary members who had submit their preliminary applications.

¨        Members of the election organising group are not eligible to stand for the Management Committee.

10B. Procedures For Management Commite Nomination And Voting

¨       The management committee is elected as a group by all members.

¨       The nominated committee with the majority of votes is declared the winner.

For the first election:

¨       vote casting is done via showing of hands by the temporary members who had submitted their impending applications.

¨       The first Management Committee assumes responsibilities immediately after the results of the ballot are announced.

For the following elections,

¨       Voting papers are provided.  The votes are counted and results are announced on the spot.

¨       The responsibilities are handed over within 10 days after the ballot, at the Footscray RSL at the presence of the ballot organizing group.

 ¨       The election will take place at the December general annual meeting on the year the terms of office for the committee expires.

¨       Application for committee nominations are received from November and the deadline is one day before the election.

¨       The list of nominated committee will be published at the general annual meeting by the election organizing committee.

¨       Prior to casting of votes, each nominated committee will have 5 minutes to address members.

¨       In case of only one committee nomination is received, members will be asked to cast votes of confidence or of no-confidence instead.


With time, the constitution of the association may become outdated and need to be updated accordingly.  The constitution may be amended via the following procedures:

¨       Proposals for amendment may be proposed by any member to the management committee.

¨       The management committee reviews the proposals and decides if they should be taken up for consideration by all members.

¨       The management committee calls an extraordinary meeting to ask members to decide on the proposals.

¨       If receiving 90% or more of the votes, the proposal is accepted and the constitution amended accordingly.


In a very serious case, if the management committee believes that the association cannot continue to operate and proposes to dissolve the association, the committee will have to call an extraordinary meeting to explain and let the members decide.

12A. If less than 90% of the votes agree to dissolve:

The association shall continue to operate.

In this case, the incumbent committee shall resign and a new committee shall be elected.

12B. If 90% or more of the votes agree to dissolve:

The association shall be dissolved accordingly. The record of dissolution agreement must be signed by all members present at the meeting.

In this case, the incumbent committee shall stay on to carry out the dissolution procedures.

When the association is dissolved, its assets and moneys shall be transferred as follows:

¨       Remaining individual contribution to mutual assistance fund shall be refunded to members after deducting expenses.

¨       All other assets and moneys not in the mutual assistance fund shall be transferred to another non-profit organization after deducting expenses in accordance to the taxation laws.