Active Veterans & Friends Mutual Assistance Association Inc is the first mutual assistance association for Veterans & Friends in Victoria.

During the Wartime (Vietnam), we respected the comradeship and friendship among South Vietnamese soldiers, Australian soldiers and Vietnamese civilians.

We never left any one behind.

After the war, with helps from Australian government and Vietnam veterans, the Vietnamese Boat People have settled down successfully in Australia, particularly in Victoria. We still respect the comradeship and friendship among Vietnamese veterans, Australian Vietnam Veterans and Vietnam community.  We never let any one of us pass away alone.

Let’s join Active Veterans & Friends Mutual Assistance Association Inc to have more friends for the rest of your life as well as enjoy the secure for your family just in case you have to go and never coming back.

The Mutual Assistance Association will function given the following:

Supposedly, our mutual association has 1000 members.

Should a member of the association passes away, each of us will give the family of this member a gift of $10.00 to arrange a funeral for him or her.

The mutual assistance fund will be:

$10.00 x 1000 members = $10,000 (conditions applied)

This mutual assistance fund may not be big, but it is enough to cover the funeral fees for the deceased member.

This is the main purpose of the Mutual Assistance Association.

The Mutual Assistance Association will operate within RSL Footscray Sub Branch, but will have its own committee, ABN and cheque accounts.

Mutual Assistance Association is a nonprofit association. The entire fund is used for the benefit of its members.

Our constitution and application form are within our website

Should you consider joining the association, please filling in your application and posting to us with your joining fee.

Since your application is approved, we will issue letter of confirm and membership card to you.

Yours sincerely,

Andy H. Nguyen