6th June 2012                                                                                                     PN 04/12


Dear members,
On 14th May 2012, Dr. Tran Dieu Tam – Treasurer of The Executive Committee – sent an email to the committee, requesting to resign from her post, due to the heavy work load form her dental surgery.

The executive committee has set up an email meeting at the same day, searching for the suitable candidate among existing members to fill the vacant position. Three members with experience in finance and business has been contacted but only Mr. Hoang Nhan Nguyen, a successful business man in Footscray, volunteer for the position.

After consideration, the Executive Committee is please to announce:

Accepting the resignation from Dr. Tran Dieu Tam, from 06 06 2012

Appointing Mr. Hoang Nhan Nguyen as new treasurer, from 06 06 2012

All necessary procedures needed to change signature in our cheque accounts will be done at Bendigo Bank on Wednesday 6th of June 2012

Andy Nguyen
Association President.