Tulip Tesselaar Festival

On last Saturday 15 09 2012, my husband and I had an interesting and colorful trip to Tulip Tesselaar Festival of Turks inSylvan. Victoria. Short trip though, a mere eight hours from the time the bus rolled up to the time the driver brought the group to a safe place, but we felt very comfortable and the brilliant colors of the tulip flowers still remained in our memory on the way back.

Our group arrived at the tulip festival very soon, but it seemed that we no longer felt sleepy when watching hundreds beds of white, red, pink and yellow tulips planted in the straight rows that lookedreally great; the tulip flowers were blooming in the early sun and smiling greeted us. I hurried to the beautiful flowers and took photos to keep the awesome moment and signseeing.

By lunchtime, we tried some typical dishes of the festival. In particular, we like the most is Dutch Poffertjes dish.

Each pie is very soft, fragrant; added a little bit sugar and butter, they taste more luscious and delectable. What a delicious dish!

After enjoying the delightful and toothsome food, we went to the tent that we thoughtitwould be holding art and music shows. Fortunately, we had just come in, they began with an impressive prelude to attract people to watch. The belly dancer was dancing and hugging my husband by the wings she wore on her shoulder, but I did not know what was happening inside….For this part,if there were other times to ask my husband that he want to go to the tulip festival of Turkish, German or Dutch, I would believe he chose Turkey. And my answer is the same him because she danced so professionally with a charming smile on her lips that I had to stand up and dance along. It’s really exciting!

Time passed quickly, it was time we had to go back. I turned my head slightly seeing tulip buds still being shy, suddenly I felta bit pity for leaving the garden and was unable to see the “blooming flowers” show their the new colorful coats … See you next year ,TulipFestival!

Thuy Hoang.